Shark's snappily entitled Rotator Lift-Away Slim-Light Mobile NV340 upright vacuum is a feature-packed standing and lift-off mains-powered bagless cleaner. It's vibrant, sturdily advanced and features a huge selection of tools-- albeit with one wailing omission. There's no stuffing or stair machine.

It's loud and seems pushed by somebody utilizing crayons instead of a pencil. It gets especially well on a wide array of floorings, and the headlight is fantastic. It's somewhat more cost efficient than its arch-rival Dyson design, too. It's more bludgeoning Great White than modernized and advanced Black-Tip. This Shark has lots of useful fetchers.


Here we own the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Slim-Light Mobile NV340. Let's only call it the Rotator Lift-Away to maintain critical web area.

As is normal with Shark cleaners, this design comes loaded with functions and devices. It's an efficient upright bagless cleaner that raises far of the floorhead so you can go mobile-- within reach of a mains plug, anyhow. Washing is covered by a plain gauze, two foam filters underneath the bin and a HEPA cartridge filter behind the front grille. All are washable and collectively provide a positive A record for dust emissions.

In upright type it's not precisely slim and light, tipping the scales at over 6.3 kg empty. That does consist of a good-sized bin, tube, a few information tools on the body and the powered floor head with its vibrant LED lights. The lift-away part just drops the floorhead, bringing the influence to a more decent, if not super-svelte, 4.4 kg.

The first floorhead is rather a monster, loading a decent-sized powered brush bar into a 30cm-wide body. The bar does not go to the edges of the head, although air channels in the floorplate ought to assist the edge-cleaning efficiency. Three coin-turn locks permit the bar to be gotten rid of, while two important wheels and two front rollers must keep it running placidly. There are no blades or soft skid-pads on the floorhead, so working over difficult textured floorings such as tiles will be a few rough and loud.

The lift-away tools can be connected straight to the control area, or you can unclip the mid-tube from the body for some additional reach. The Dust-Away hard floor head has its extension tube and mixes a rubber-bladed suction head with a big, washable flooring pad to get super-fine dust that suction alone may not.

Smaller sized tools consist of a telescopic crevice tool and cleaning brush with a helpful swiveling head. Distinctively this Shark moreover comprises a small detailing tool by itself micro-hose. Suitable for getting those crumbs from your keyboard or rubbing your knick-knacks, this little device loads a first suction punch. There's a carry-strap presented for the lift-away area.

All that lot seems like a storage disaster waiting to take place. The cleaning brush and crevices tool fit on the first cleaner, while there's a material bag to put the rest of your tools collectively.

One conspicuous omission is the deficiency of an upholstery tool. That was plainly going to trigger a problem where dressing up the stairs, models and the couch was worried. Reading Shark vs Dyson you canchoose the best vacuum for pet hair for you.

Written by Candida Himmel in misc on Wed 15 February 2017.